24 Mar 2018 Evergreen Park, Illinois Evergreen Park Public Library Evergreen Park Public Library
14 Apr 2018 Forest Park, Illinois Forest Park Public Library Forest Park Public Library

“NEW On-the-Go ECO Show”

Unplugged and entirely powered by renewable energy, this show is off-the-grid and able to go anywhere! Kids help generate ideas while learning about different energy sources – including their dancing feet! Also available as roving entertainment – perfect for festival lines. More info HERE.

“Make a Musical Playdate!”

Jim and Jayne have all kinds of options for fun for kids and families. CSLP and iRead Summer Reading themed programs for libraries, creative musical play and full-band shows for park districts, festivals, and other special events. Want to book a musical playdate? Contact us today! See our latest program information HERE.
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Night Owl and Early Bird

Night Owl and Early Bird is a little ditty about two birds who are very different, but are stronger and love each other very much because of those differences. Hmm… sound like any couple you know? For your listening consideration: Night Owl and Early Bird is now available just about everywhere music

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Our Summer Song

The weather in Chicago that winter wasn’t remarkably cold or snowy, but I think we may have set a record for days without sunshine. It seemed to rain every day in April and we still hadn’t had much sun or warm weather. There was finally a beautiful, warm, sunny day

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