26 Jul 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - Hegewisch Branch CPL - Hegewisch Branch
26 Jul 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - South Chicago Branch CPL - South Chicago Branch
27 Jul 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - Humboldt Park Branch CPL - Humboldt Park Branch
27 Jul 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - Albany Park Branch CPL - Albany Park Branch
31 Jul 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - Kelly Branch CPL - Kelly Branch
02 Aug 2017 Chicago, Illinois CPL - Roden Branch CPL - Roden Branch

“Night Owl and Early Bird”

New music from Jim and Jayne! Night Owl and Early Bird is a love song celebrating the beauty of our differences. Hear it now on our ScribbleRadio. Night Owl and Early Bird is now available just about everywhere music is streamed or sold. Tell ’em ScribbleMonster sent you!

“Ready for Summer?”

We are! Check out our Tour page for a list of musical playdates at libraries, park districts, festivals, and other special events all around town and come play with us! Want to book a musical playdate? Contact us today!

Our Summer Song

The weather in Chicago that winter wasn’t remarkably cold or snowy, but I think we may have set a record for days without sunshine. It seemed to rain every day in April and we still hadn’t had much sun or warm weather. There was finally a beautiful, warm, sunny day

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The Half-Hearted Birthday Song

“You don’t have a birthday song?”, the fellow children’s artist asked. “You’ve got to have a birthday song. My birthday song is my best selling song on iTunes and it’s not even that good. Parents make playlists for their kids’ parties and download anything with ‘birthday’ in the title. You

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